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Bring on Summer!

May 22, 2015

I am so impressed. Nate took the kids to the pool yesterday and something flipped in Clare’s swimming mindset. She has always been our sit on the steps girl and all day today I have heard about her desire to jump and swim to daddy who is standing close. Then she will stand on deck and wait her turn while Elizabeth jumps. I do it mommy. With daddy? Tonight we got to the pool?

So sure enough!! This girl wants to swim and get her face under the water and kick her legs and doggy paddle. Well done dear. Well done.

2015-05-23_122 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_119 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_107 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_100 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_099 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_068 (1280x851)

This girl is always game for a little adventure. Look at that ornery!

2015-05-23_086 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_116 (1280x851)

Michael was delighted to get time with his buddy!

2015-05-23_113 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_098 (1280x851)

2015-05-23_071 (1280x852)

Now to find someone to teach my oldest kids and maybe even Clare how to swim. The big kids need some better form and breathing rhythm, and Clare is willing to do more. I think I’ll take advantage of it and maybe get her out of her swim vest. That would be fantastic! This momma needs to stop the drowning (by car) dreams. I get them every summer! Crazy, right?! I definitely need help!

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!!! My cup overflows!!!

At Mass today, for a brief moment of actual prayer, I was so overcome by the magnitude of the gift of my life. My husband is so unbelievably supportive and active in all aspects of our life and I have FIVE magnificent kids.

2015-05-10_156 (1280x851)

I began to pray for them and was instantly struck by the realization that I was wrong….EIGHT magnificent souls entrusted to us as parents. Three of our little ones await us in heaven and surely do more interceding for us than I can even comprehend. WOW!!! A mom of EIGHT. My Grandmother was a mom of 8. (Oh how I miss her. As an adult, there’s so much I’d like to talk to her about. My perspective is so different now than when I was a kid. HA! I love you Friend Grano!) My mother was #2 of those eight. Golly. God is good. I’m so thankful to have my momma here in Atlanta and even more so in my home. Here’s your shout out mom as we were lame and didn’t get a picture together today. Dang broken camera! Love you tons!!!

We went adventuring today…something that’s hard to do on my own with the three littles. Seriously FUN!!! Nate said it perfectly, “Why didn’t we do more of this exploring when we didn’t have children? Oh yes. There was no internet and social media to share fun facts.” Crazy, right?! (We are coming up on 15 years together!)

We made it to the Edge of the World on the Amicalola River.

2015-05-10_194 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_201 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_203 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_209 (1280x851)

Max got to dip in his feet…one time only! The girls got seriously muddy and the big kids got to walk in the rapids and climb big rocks. I only fell in once, but managed to keep Max upright and dry…twice actually! Nate was fully submerged with the big kids, and Papa, thanks to his long legs and great water sandals, only got a few inches of his shorts wet. What a fun afternoon!

2015-05-10_164 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_170 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_183 (1280x851)

At the end of a very long boardwalk, this awaited us! Truly spectacular!

2015-05-10_293 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_219 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_230 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_240 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_254 (1280x732)

2015-05-10_250 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_212 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_274 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_284 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_286 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_314 (1280x851)

2015-05-10_327 (1280x851)


2015-05-10_345 (1280x851)

Where are the Bosters? Can you spot all 5 kids, Nate & Papa also?

2015-05-10_295 (1280x851)

Dad was happy to have talked to a few fisherman and even found an old fly. He’s surely dying to get in the water with some waders, his tacklebox, and his trusty fly rod.

2015-05-10_193 (1280x851)

Yes indeed. A perfect little reminder left for us by an earlier hiker.

2015-05-10_199 (1280x851)

Time for a bath. It’s been a good day!

2015-05-10_364 (1280x851)

My two, end of the day, special gifts. Gerisey, it smells heavenly!!!! I can’t believe you mailed me a lilac tree and it bloomed this year!! Thank you!!!!

2015-05-10_367 (1280x851)

Momma made me this beautiful little charm. I so love the addition of the medal tucked in with my sweet little eggs. I love it!!! Now to find the perfect chain for it.

2015-05-10_370 (1280x851)

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. My heart is with those mommas who have lost a child, their own mother, or who have an eternal bond with a birth mother. May God bless you in a very special way and your children too! Motherhood is a true gift!!! Mother Mary, pray for us!

Tessellating shapes

May 4, 2015

I’m so proud of my art students. They have created some great tessellations and challenged their sense of shape and repeating patterns. We’ve talked a lot about patterns this year and variations of this term. I’m so delighted with their pictures and can’t wait to see their final papers and trading cards at the end-of-the-year showcase May 14th.

For those who missed the class and would like to stay caught up on their portfolio, you can find an excellent tutorial HERE. We used our 8 1/2 x 11″ white cardstock for the rotation tessellation and our trading card paper (uncut) for the translation tessellation. The rotation used a 2 1/2″ square and the translation used a 1 1/2″ square. It is an easier design to piece together, but the smaller size created a challenge of a different kind.

After taping your pieces together according to the tutorial, you’ll want to write “TOP” on your pattern piece so you don’t inadvertently mix up your pattern. Trace your first shape (I recommend using a black thin marker) in the center of your paper and then start rotating it around the original until you have filled your paper in its entirety. Some of the shapes will reach off the page. Don’t worry!

After tracing your translation tessellation, color it and cut out your individual trading cards.

Now is the fun part. Determine what you have created. Add simple details to each shape to convey your image’s theme. Color the entire shape one color. Use no more than 3 or 4 colors on the entire paper. The shapes of the same orientation should be the same color throughout your picture to create a sense of continuity and repeating tessellating patterns.

You can download the trading card template HERE.

Happy creating and as always let me know if you have any questions. I’ll see you on May 14th. Be sure to register HERE for the showcase.

Science Fair Fun

April 30, 2015

We are officially members of the end-of-the-year project completion club. It was our first science fair experience. Yes. I said “our”. You know if you have done a project that it quickly becomes a family affair. So…a fantastic showing by our two kids. Great feedback from the judges and a super great first time experience. Well done badge wearing kids! We are proud of the work you did and how you represented yourself.



Clare loved making her yard covered stick. She says to me as she figured out how to twirl her stick to make the yarn wrap, “Mom! Look! I’m a smart ge-rl!” (I think her teacher uses that phrase.)


Super fun presentation by one of the judges. He’s a scientist at Georgia Tech and has access to really cool tools.


The coordinator of this event truly went above and beyond in putting together a successful afternoon. While the judges were going through the one-on-one presentations, the kids were completing their stations. Totally cool!!!!




Max was all smiles at the fun being had around him. I’m certain he was already envisioning this KG project.


Thanks Dad for your help today. Thanks for your being the assistant in their projects also. This was a whole family affair for sure.

Full heart moments

April 27, 2015

Happy 38th birthday to me! Birthdays (thanks to my mom who always made them special) have always been simple but fun occasions.

2015-04-27_006 (1280x720)

First up, ice cream tradition continues (thanks to dear friends who passed it along to us) and my husband’s yummy omelets cooked to perfection. What a great way to start the morning!

2015-04-27_001 (1280x851)

2015-04-27_010 (1280x851)

Dropped Clare off at school and went for a morning of shoe shopping and a pedicure. So I asked for a specific flower (and brought in a picture). The lady asks, “Does it have to be exact.” Of course, my answer was “no” thinking that she’d at least come close to the picture. I guess all they know are Asian flower designs…not even close to what I showed her. Got to have a great convo with my brother though while receiving a fantastic chair massage and a little after-winter toe pampering also. Lovely! It was a very nice treat to have some quiet time and my hands empty just for a few minutes today. I felt so refreshed and at peace. Thanks Nate and dad for holding down the fort at home.

20150427_150810 (1280x720)

I came home to find Katie had made these yummy cupcakes. Cookie dough base. Vanilla cake. Oreo buttercream icing. Seriously rich, but yummy and a treat that they were homemade by my up-and-coming resident baker.

2015-04-27_012 (1280x851)

A little snuggle from my #4. She’s seriously rotten right now, but when she smiles, it makes us all smile. Gotta appreciate it even more in these trying stages of childhood.

20150427_094014 (1280x720)

The day itself was low key, but only because we got to celebrate in grand style on Sunday. It’s been almost 10 years since we have played at the Bogan Park Aquatic Center. FUN! I especially appreciate those activities that everyone can do and have fun. They are hard to come by with the varying ages of our family! Even Max loved it. Perfect!!!!!

20150426_160838 (1280x720)

Max’s new grin is hilarious. As if the first seven months, his grin wasn’t enough to make us laugh. This kid is so happy. It makes all of us happy!

20150426_161111 (1280x720)

20150426_161131 (1280x720)

20150426_161157 (1280x719)

20150426_161526 (1280x720)

I love the ease of using Magisto to piece our videos and pictures together, but sometimes, things get a little silly. Sorry for the random moments in this video, but you get to see everyone at least. Maybe I’ll get ambitious and try to piece another one together in the upcoming days.

Nate grilled us some fantastic chicken for dinner. I so love him at the grill. Dinner is always sure to be great! Less kitchen mess also!

2015-04-27_014 (1280x851)

Michael had a rare evening make-up soccer game. This in itself was a gift to me as I haven’t been able to attend many of his games due to my tutoring schedule. I love it. We haven’t had many of these moments over the years and it makes me happy that this was a request of his own initiative. Sports are really becoming his “thing”. Finally, something that excites him!

2015-04-27_020 (1280x851)

2015-04-27_039 (1280x851)

2015-04-27_076 (1280x851)

2015-04-27_102 (1280x851)

He made my birthday card using the new-to-us Osmo. What a fun picture?! I love it. I do hope I am a worthy hero to emulate. I also pray he chooses a wife someday even better than myself and treats her like a beloved superhero also.

002 (1280x851)

I love you my boy!!

20150427_220307 (1280x720)

Being gone for soccer provided our oldest a long awaited and anticipated few hours to herself. She’s been planning my surprise literally all week. She’s made phone calls to illicit some help, hidden herself away creating decorations, plotting something on the computer, and sneaking around the house also. She made me promise that she could have the house to herself to prepare and that I’d be the first one to walk in the door when we got home. Deal sweet girl. It’s a deal! I never dreampt the details of this surprise. This girl has a heart of gold for sure.

Taped to the garage door.

20150427_201713 (1280x720)

On my bed when I walked in the room…pajamas and flowers.

20150427_201757 (1280x720)

In the front room…blankets for my choosing.

20150427_202514 (1280x720)

Swoon!!! This is what I see when I open the back door to the patio.

20150427_202741 (1280x720)

My sweet girl standing in front of our evening theater. She’d borrowed a projector from a friend (Thank you immensely for helping her dream this dream Ms. Kelle!), her daddy had helped her set it up while I was changing, and she’d hung the sheet and decorations while we were gone. The frame was set up for her 10th birthday surprise party (a year+ ago) and made the perfect structure for my birthday surprise. I still can’t believe it!

There was food (mixed in with a few on-going growing projects).

20150427_202652 (1280x719)

There was homemade bread (she’d mixed, let rise, and baked all while we were gone). As if that wasn’t enough, she’d managed to figure out how to make and mix me a pina colada!! My favorite and made just right even!! I love it.

20150427_203403 (1280x720)

Sweet girl had picked out one of her childhood favorite movies for us to watch…Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. That, alone, was a treat for me. We must have watched it a zillion times when life was less busy. When it was just the four of us living under this roof. This time, we watched it outside, under the stars, just the two of us (well until we were joined by guests just begging to celebrate also). There were countless, “I loved this part when I was a kid…” and “I remember when I used to think…” moments scattered throughout the projected scenes. The sheet actually came off her bed (butterflies and all) as she couldn’t get her hands on the white sheet stored in the linen trunk. Time was of the essence in her evening for sure. I love it!

20150427_204433 (1280x720)

20150427_212923 (1280x720)

Girl, you have made this momma’s heart incredibly full. Your generosity to me, your planning, your sacrifice of your own free time, your love and desire just to be together is the greatest gift you could give me. Seriously! The tears were ones of such pride as I realized just what you had pulled off…almost entirely on your own! Katie Ruth Boster, you are a special young lady. I’m proud to be your mom. Thank you for this gift!! I love you to overflowing.

20150427_215816 (1280x720)

creativity to be envied

April 9, 2015

Katie & Michael, I hope you will do something great with your own big brains. I love this on so many levels! Awesome.


Happy Easter!!!!!

April 6, 2015

He’s risen!! Happy Easter! Let the celebrations continue all week!

This will be short as this day has been full and I think my pillow is calling my name.

It’s been a fantastic day filled with sunrise Mass, an egg hunt, Easter baskets, family, friends, feasting, a movie & board game, and quite here in the last few moments of my waking day. Simply beautiful!!

271 (1280x851)

286 (1280x851)

293 (1280x851)

268 (1280x851)

142 (1280x803)

267 (1280x851)

154 (1280x851)

186 (1280x851)

234 (1280x851)

205 (1280x851)

206 (1280x851)

212 (1280x851)

092 (1280x851)

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