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Observe & Record – Brown Stink Bug

March 24, 2011

2011-03-24_016 (1280×851),
Our master bedroom seems to be the perfect location for these stinky little bugs. While talking to the exterminators, they were intent on trying to identify this bug before arriving on-site. As luck would have it, we were able to find one, photograph it, and keep it safely contained in a jar. Katie declared this a perfect science class opportunity and spent the next 1 1/2 hours recording and researching said bug.
I love that we homeschool and these spontaneous opportunities are possible. What a morning of learning. What a proud girl who was so interested in her observation and then her research online.
2011-03-24_2012 (1280x851) Katie’s observations
2011-03-24 StinkBug_095 (1280x928)
2011-03-24_Asian brown stink bug (405x304) Stink Bug
2011-03-24 StinkBug_096 (1280x929)
Katie’s research
2011-03-24_2013 (851x1280)
After our fabulous “bug man” came, he confirmed that stink bug “Catherine” really is a female. Apparently they also like heat and lights. It seems our TV, computers, and table lamp are actually luring these little buggies. With mating and nesting season just a few weeks away, I think we have some changes to make in our master bedroom. Hhhhmmm…..

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