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Cub Scout Camping

October 5, 2014

Michael joined Cub Scouts this past August and has been so delighted by every experience. They’ve had several den meetings and one pack meeting. He’s sold popcorn outside Kroger, earned his Whittling Chip, purchased his uniform, and anticipated this weekend immensely.

2014-10-03_IMG_20141003_185237453 (1280x851)

It’s time to go camping!!!! Papa had originally planned to join them for this weekend, but his back had other plans. Instead, Papa spent the weekend warm, in a bed, and with a good dose of Tylenol and muscle ointment.

2014-10-03_IMG_20141003_174622587_HDR (1280x721)

Nate & Michael drove almost two hours north of us to the Blue Ridge Mountains. They were actually the first to arrive at camp by about 40 minutes or so. Temperatures were about 20 degrees cooler there than our house. Needless to say, it was a cold weekend hovering around 50/60F daytime and 40s overnight.

2014-10-04_IMG_20141004_173329680_HDR (1280x721)

He’s made some great friends and they were able to meet more from the parish on this family weekend.

2014-10-04_IMG_20141004_175748602_HDR (1280x721)

Michael was so excited to have gotten his Whittling Chip which gave him access to the roped off whittling circle at camp. He removed the bark from this stick with his boy scout knife. He looks a little cold in this picture though and missing the glove that later surfaced inside his overnight bag. Later as in when mom did laundry after they walked in the door.

2014-10-05_IMG_20141005_101023821 (1280x851)

They survived the second overnight with 30 degree temperatures and were ready to pack up camp and head home.

2014-10-05_IMG_20141005_070314953 (1280x720)

Stories are still unfolding from the weekend, but suffice to say there wasn’t anything that Michael didn’t love. Nate was even able to help the den earn an unexpected Ultimate Frisbee belt loop. Way to go throwing in that Frisbee at the last minute!!

Happy 11th Birthday!!

October 5, 2014

I can’t believe eleven years ago our girl entered this world weighing 4# 11oz. Pre-eclampsia and the onset of my own kidney failure forced her delivery at 33 1/2 weeks. Such a strong girl from the very beginning. She was in the NICU only 8 days and came home weighing 4# 9 oz…not even the traditional 5 pounds. Thank God we proved ourselves competent to bring home such a tiny baby. At eleven years old, she’s now in the 98th percentile…a long way from her preemie self.

2014-10-04_040 (1280x856)

This year’s celebrations included lunch with her dad on Friday and celebrations throughout the day on Saturday. Snuck in some ice cream for breakfast.

2014-10-04_016 (1280x851)

Archery at 9:00 a.m. with her friends, volunteering at 1:00 p.m. with her favorite kitchen making meals for poor families in the county. Dinner, cake, duct tape crafting, and slumber party with the family including both aunts!

2014-10-04_046 (1280x851)

2014-10-05_20141005_092820 (1280x720)

2014-10-04_080 (1280x856)

2014-10-04_082 (1280x851)

Aunt Jenny was loved all over by these two girls. In fact, Elizabeth wouldn’t let Jenny put her down when they woke up Sunday morning. It was really sweet.

2014-10-04_100 (1280x851)

2014-10-05_110 (1280x851)

2014-10-04_106 (1280x851)

This was a fantastic Sunday morning moment for me. I was nursing the baby and the kids came to play blocks at my feet. They were so nice to one another, playing, sharing, and seeing who could build the tallest tower. The sun was shining in and the kids were happy. For a few minutes, I loved everyone being at my feet.

2014-10-05_20141005_114245 (1280x720)

I love you sweet girl. I hope eleven is the best year yet!!

2014-10-05_111 (1280x851)

Field Trips are grand

October 1, 2014

It’s starting to feel like Fall.

2014-09-30_005 (1280x851)

Sweet baby had her first field trip…just for her! Usually she gets to partake in the “big kid” events and loves them immensely, but this one was just for her. This field trip was with her CLASS! How fun to see your teacher and not be in school! It was a bit of a mind-boggler for Clare.

2014-10-01_033 (1280x851)

She loves all things Halloween…including pumpkins and spiders and ghosts. Today, she got to visit the pumpkin patch with her friends.

2014-10-01_043 (1280x851)

2014-10-01_126 (1280x851)

Michael got to tag along also.

2014-10-01_012 (1280x851)

Kinsey Family Farms hosts a fantastic field trip and just might be where we purchase this year’s Christmas tree. Cut your own sounds like a good idea, right?!

2014-10-01_021 (1280x851)

2014-10-01_052 (1280x851)

The kids got to plant a tree.

2014-10-01_086 (1280x851)

They also got to pet the animals and feed the fish.

2014-10-01_149 (1280x851)

A hay ride was also fun.

2014-10-01_129 (1280x851)


Thanks to Max’s arrival just five days before, Daddy got to participate in this field trip. Come to find out, there were several dads there to enjoy the field trip. One dad was also standing in for his wife who was nursing a newborn just a few days old too.

Five Days Old

September 30, 2014

Happy fifth day little man.


(As an aside, this is one of our favorite Laurie Berkner songs. Lexi & Luke, this one is for you especially.)

Settling in at home

September 29, 2014

Sunday looks different now. Mass still at 7:30 a.m. but now followed by church class until 10:00 a.m. Max and I (and Elizabeth) opted to partake of the Sunday morning graces from home.

What a gift to have Aunt Jen and Julius come visit. Sweet Clare laughed so hard as Julius snuck in and played a bit of abbreviated hide and seek. Aunt Jenny is always so good to make her visits fun and memorable. The kids adore her and the loud raucous that is sure to follow in her presence. I hate we don’t see more of them during the week. This dang city of Atlanta is just too big for a quick get-together when you live 30+ miles from one another.

2014-09-28_002 (1280x1030)

His Godparents were able to come over for a little introduction also. We’ve walked many years side-by-side and welcomed babies and life events and all kinds of things together. We are honored that they accepted the invitation to be Max’s godparents. We couldn’t be happier.

2014-09-28_018 (1280x868)

I can’t believe this picture. The older girls have been friends since before their first birthday and now there are so many more faces in this pictures of friends. I still need to photoshop in Elizabeth’s face. What a gift that after 10 years there are still memories to be made together!!

2014-09-28_021 (1280x908)

Michael loves holding his brother. He is truly in love. Brothers are the best, right? I’m so thankful he gets this opportunity and there is another baby in our house to teach us so much more about loving, living, and growing together as a family. Little Max is pretty special and is already touching each of us in different ways.

2014-09-28_060 (1280x851)

Wide eyed and awake…Michael’s favorite time for snuggles.

2014-09-28_061 (1280x851)

I’m so thankful tomorrow is Monday AND Nate is home all week to spend this time with us. My recovery is going well, but I’m moving pretty slow for sure and taking it easy. There are a lot of physical limitations that catch me off guard, but it’s a time that won’t last long. Just trying to keep it in perspective, rest, and allow those around me who are able to assist. I’m thankful to have a houseful of help this week!!! To those reading this humble blog, hope your week goes well!!

Thank you to those who have offered to bring us meals. I’m so grateful!! For those who have requested the information, you can find the calendar HERE. Thank you to a sweet friend for setting it up on our behalf!

Home Sweet Home!

September 28, 2014

Home is always home and a welcomed blessing.

Belly sleeping

Godmother came to visit and brought the very best pumpkin muffins for mommy and her to enjoy over a quick recap and lots and lots of snuggles.

Belly sleeping

Sweet baby boy gave me a run for my money last night. The little man just couldn’t be satisfied with his pacifier, own fingers, or the blanket tucked up by his face. Instead, he wanted only to sleep snuggled with mommy. How do you keep him asleep and snuggled? You lay him on his belly at less than two days old just hoping you don’t freak out the nurses too badly and you watch him like a hawk until he wakes up.

Belly sleeping

Sweet girl came to spend the last few hours at the hospital with daddy & I and baby Max. We covered many important things…how to raise and lower the hospital bed, climb to pet your new brother, visit the hospital pantry, and that Baby Max was no longer in my tummy, a horse was no longer in her tummy & a frog wasn’t in daddy’s tummy anymore either.

2014-09-27_010 (1280x851)

Belly sleeping

Home sweet home!!

2014-09-27_098 (1280x851)

Belly sleeping

2014-09-27_070 (1280x851)

2014-09-27_090 (1280x851)

Thanks Mom & Dad for holding down the fort these last few days. We love you!! Our kids are blessed to be sharing these days with you and calling you Grana & Papa! THANK YOU!

2014-09-27_084 (1280x851)

Welcome Baby Max

September 27, 2014

Our sweet boy is here. He’s really, really here. Welcome to the family sweet boy.

2014-09-26_091 (1280x851)

I’ll try to spare the real delivery details, but I’d like to tell a bit of the story.

The day began with check-in at 6:00 a.m.

2014-09-25_001 (851x1280)

Pitocin started at 7:00 a.m. and water broke at 8:00 a.m. Epidural on around 9:00 or so.

2014-09-25_012 (1280x851)

Lots of waiting and a shift change was the perfect time to pass out chocolates to the nurses and doctors. It’s the little things that make these often forgotten professionals feel special. I am always so grateful for the care I receive at Northside Hospital.

2014-09-25_005 (1280x851)

Michael took this picture, because he liked that there was a chart near the nurses station showing that Max was one of two babies arriving at that moment.

2014-09-25_071 (1280x836)

Just to further intensify my dislike for epidurals, Max’s epidural didn’t work correctly and after a multitude of complications, our little man was born at 2:06 p.m. without pain meds and in God’s graces without a lengthy or dramatic delivery, and weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces….much, much smaller than anticipated and a welcomed blessing.

2014-09-25_029 (1280x851)

He is healthy, tolerated the double nuchol cord well, and is absolutely a precious love. What was thought to be a potentially complicated delivery, with a greater chance of CSection, ended up being more about my own complications than anything with the baby. God works in wondrous ways, right?!

The family was able to come visit within a few hours of delivery. As an aside, I love that everyone showed up in blue to honor our little boy. (I don’t believe it was actually planned.)

2014-09-25_046 (1280x851)

The kids were able to be there for his measurements and first feeding. It seems Max was a bit traumatized after delivery and dropped his blood sugar low enough to warrant a quick feeding and a 2 hour nurse watch.

2014-09-25_047 (1280x1009)

2014-09-25_052 (1280x851)

I think outside of Nate & I, Grana was the first to hold Maximilian. Precious, right?!

2014-09-25_056 (1280x917)

Just the boys. Michael is so proud of his little brother and already madly in love.

2014-09-25_064 (1280x911)

There’s something about the fight over holding a newborn baby that is just fantastic. Poor Papa had to come back later in the evening to get a proper turn of his own. Grandparents and siblings are really the best though.

2014-09-25_069 (1280x851)

Before the end of visiting hours, Max was visited by dear friends. It was so much fun celebrating his life with such friends. Oh my was there some serious celebrating and energy in the room. We love that you were able to share a few moments with us in his first hours of life.

2014-09-25_077 (1280x851)

Papa and Katie Girl visited until Max & I crawled into bed for the night. It’s really great to see Papa with the newest baby. It’s such a blessing when he can be here for delivery day. God willing, he’ll never miss another significant life moment. (Please continue to pray for secure work in Atlanta for both him and mom!)

Feeling much more human on Day #2, it’s nice to have visitors who celebrate our newest blessings. A new baby is truly a miracle worth celebrating and sharing.

Grana & Papa were the first to visit at 9:00 a.m. after morning preschool carpool. What a gift to have them here in the quiet of the morning and relaxation of the day. They were able to hang out a good part of the day. So nice to catch up without the activity of life. In a strange way, it’s not hard to treasure the hospital moments for sure.

2014-09-26_108 (1280x851)

Such a dear friend and expecting momma too! I can’t wait to hold her little girl in early December!

2014-09-26_111 (1280x943)

Nate brought the kids up after lunch to really interact with their new brother. Katie of course stole him first, then Michael, but a quick third was Clare’s turn. Such a sweet moment. She was so excited and Elizabeth took her cues from big sis quite quickly also.

2014-09-26_114 (1280x940)

2014-09-26_117 (1280x851)

Gosh to be a family of 7 now.

2014-09-26_135 (1280x621)

Michael declared Max to be his favorite. I love it. I pray these two boys grow to treasure a special relationship that his brotherhood.

2014-09-26_143 (1280x851)

After a late afternoon nap, it was such a surprise to see Mom & Katie & Anna walking through the door to spend time with Max & I. It was a perfect moment to share together. Aunt Anna oh how we have missed you these past months. Life really shouldn’t be that busy, really! Thanks for getting the time off and spending some days with us. (Aunt Jenny, we will see you soon!!!)

2014-09-26_162 (1280x851)

Max is truly “one of our kids”. He looks so much like the first kids with his round little face and petite features. Such a sweetie who has stolen so many hearts already.

2014-09-26_179 (1280x889)

We can’t wait to introduce you and share our love with everyone. Here’s to celebrating our son’s first 32 hours.

2014-09-26_204 (1280x851)

I know so many have been gracious to ask how they can help us in these next days and weeks ahead. For those who are local, meals are always a welcome blessing. I’ve listed the information below for convenience sake. THANK YOU!

Recipient Last Name: Boster
Password: 3764

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